Aydin Egitim ,Kültür ve Sanat Dernegi is a non-profit/non-governmental organisation established in the city centre of Aydin which has a population of nearly 200.000 (close to 1 million with its suburbs). Our organisation has been established with the purpose of raising awareness and interest in adult education and preserving cultural heritage (especially traditional arts, music and handicrafts) as well as in volunteering actions, and preparing our members and learners in the fields of handworks, music and art as a means of social inclusion. Some of our learners are in struggle to make their living in bad or inadequate conditions face many difficulties in their daily and social life. There is a high unemployment level(%16) in the town. There are a lot of learners who are at the risk of social exclusion because of the social-economical disadvantages. Our learners are 14- 70 years old. We mainly train and open courses about Foreign Languages especially English and German,art, music and handicrafts for our learners in order to improve their skills. By comparison with other experiences, methods and knowledge, we eagerly want to gain new experiences and good examples in order to transfer and use them in our activities so that we can have the chance to improve competence, knowledge and conscience of our learners. Our mission is to educate students as character-wise ,honest,participative,having moral values,self confident ,educatory for his/her country,researcher ,knowing universal values,being aware of duties and responsibilities ,respectful to different cultures ,innovative following to age and innovations,knowing to live happy ,healthy and successful.

Vision of our association: being preferred, having all, opportunities for learning, an innovative and respectful to different cultures and leader school.

Our association has experience of internationalization and has an overwhelming desire to improve the quality of the internationalization of our institution.