This week, E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP is hosting the 2nd LTTA of the ERASMUS+ project ‘MEM – Modern Educational Methods’ in the organization’s premises in Karditsa, Greece.

The 2nd LTTA titled “Augmented Reality into the Classroom” is a 5-day training course, that started on September 20th and will run until September 24th, 2021.

Members of the partner organizations travelled to Karditsa to attend this 5-day training course on Augmented Reality and its various applications in the classroom in order to gain a deeper insight as to how to implement the benefits of AR in their own teaching contexts.

During the 2nd LTTA, partners from Germany, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey had the opportunity to receive training in the following areas:

  • The Role of AR in Education
  • Types of AR Applications
  • Kinds of AR Software
  • AR Platforms and Tools
  • Learning Activities using AR Platforms and Tools
  • Designing, Creating and Developing AR Lesson Plans
  • Exploring the Local Culture through AR